Cyberlite is committed to providing sustainable and equitable online safety education for young people, educators, families, and communities. Our open-access education platform,, serves as a practical and free resource for teaching and learning about cyber safety, generative AI safety, and digital wellbeing. Understanding the obstacles educators often face in delivering content in these specialised areas, particularly due to a lack of expertise, offers a solution that is intuitive and impactful.

Our approach of providing relevant, up-to-date materials for educators and parents simplifies the process of teaching the complex topics of online safety. Here’s what offers:

▪️ Free Educational Resources: Access a growing library of lesson plans, teaching resources, and toolkits crafted for diverse year groups.

▪️ Parental Guidance: Find dedicated resources to support your child or teen’s online journey.

▪️ Stay Updated: Regular newsletters to keep you informed about the latest trends in online safety and generative AI.

▪️ Training and Workshops: Increase your knowledge in cyber safety and generative AI with premium training programmes and workshops.