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Singapore’s first support centre for targets of online harms.

Discover your rights, seek help, and live without fear. We are here to help.


If you, or anyone you know, have been experiencing online harms such as harassment, abusive language, revenge porn, cyberstalking, or doxxing – we are here to help. These harms are more common than you think, and you do not have to face the struggle alone. If you have been affected by such harms and want someone to talk to, reach out now.


SHECARES@SCWO is Singapore’s first support centre for targets of online harms. Launched in collaboration with the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations, the centre provides holistic support and a safe space for targets of online harms, particularly girls and women, to turn to when they encounter harmful behaviour on the internet.


The centre will have a particular focus on girls and women because, while both men and women are affected by online harms, we believe that women are disproportionately targeted, for example via sexual harassment, stalking, and non-consensual intimate image sharing. Surveys have also shown that women feel less safe online and are not aware of the resources and assistance available to them.


SHECARES@SCWO provides the following services:


  • Telephone helpline and textline: Call or WhatsApp us to speak to a trained counsellor, who will help you determine what to do next, and if it will be helpful to attend a counselling session or one of our legal clinics.


  • Counselling: Counsellors trained in trauma-informed care will provide free counselling sessions for targets who have experienced harms on the internet.*


  • Pro bono legal assistance: Legal volunteers from Pro Bono SG will offer free legal assistance at legal clinics.*


No case is too small and every case is important to us. Reach out now.


Rest assured that what you tell us will be kept confidential in accordance with the law. Please understand that we may be legally required to make a police report if your case involves a criminal offence.


We are unfortunately unable to guarantee that there will be bilingual lawyers at all our counselling or legal clinic sessions. We encourage visitors to arrive with an English-speaking friend or family member who can translate for them.


If you are facing an emergency or are in danger, please call the Police at 999 or other 24-hour helplines for immediate help:



*Please contact the centre to make an appointment.

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If you have any questions or would like to seek assistance, please reach out to us.