MOU Signing with Singapore Council of Women's Organisations, 8 Sep 2022

“I am glad to see a new community-led charity working to empower women and girls, and continuing the dialogues started in the Conversations on Women’s Development, the recent White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development and also Sunlight Alliance for Action,” said Minister K Shanmugam during the Singapore Police Force Sexual Assault Awareness Seminar on 12 April, 2022. 

Minister K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law, has announced earlier this year that SHE will be working alongside other organisations to address gender-based online harms in Singapore.

On 8 September, 2022, SHE signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Singapore Council of Women's Organisations (“SCWO”), the national coordinating body of more than 60 women's organisations in Singapore. 

The MoU seals SHE and SCWO’s commitment and co-operation to setting up SHECARES@SCWO, one-stop victim support centre for victims of online harms, particularly girls and women. The centre, called SHECARES @ SCWO, will be operationally run by SCWO and will provide victims of online harms with assistance via a helpline, counsellors, and pro bono legal services. The centre will also undertake programmes to raise awareness of and educate people on online harms, and on how to seek redress if one encounters such harms.