SHE x SHEIN, Dialogue on Body Positivity, 30 Sep 2022

On 30th September 2022, the SHE team and supporters held a candid dialogue with SHEIN global designers from 8 countries.

The lively exchange started by exploring different countries’ perspectives of diversity in beauty. Indeed, the theme of diversity was evident through the participants’ varied profiles, across age groups and with occupations ranging from retired athlete to medical professionals.

Being comfortable in one’s own skin, self-acceptance, and the opportunity to be of service to others: these are some of the things that the attendees of the inaugural @SHEINxSHE Dialogue shared make them feel beautiful.

Specifically, participants expressed concern about the unrealistic standards of beauty set by social media and how this can result on unhealthy body consciousness amongst the youth.  A designer who is also a young mother shared about her 5-year-old daughter coming home crying one day because she was called ‘fat’ in school, setting off a discussion of how deeply external influences can affect us.



The session concluded by recognizing that diversity goes beyond a simple virtue-signalling or lip-service. True diversity in beauty is having everyone accept who they are and how they look. We must redefine our understanding of beauty because we are all beautiful in our own ways.

We are excited by this lively start to our inaugural collaboration with SHEIN, who shares our goal of advocating positive change. Watch this space for more exciting updates on our partnership!