Singapore Corporate Counsel Association x The Law Society of Singapore, International Women's Day, 10 Mar 2023

How do we begin to effect change for gender equality?

A first step: be an advocate against harmful stereotypes and assumptions in your own everyday interactions.

“We have to get moving, be it in our personal spheres of influence or on a broader stage,” says our Chair Stefanie Yuen Thio, who was a panelist at the The Law Society of Singapore and Singapore Corporate Counsel Association’s International Women's Day discussion.

The shift away from outdated gender norms and unconscious bias begins by engaging those around us in constructive conversation. Talk to your friends and family about how we can each embrace equity and create a more inclusive society.

You don’t have to be a victim or survivor to press for change. Active bystanders and meaningful discussions are just as important – we can all speak up to create a safe space for others. Do your part and start now.