National Library Board: Is the Metaverse a virtual paradise or nightmare?, November Feature

If someone harasses you in the real world, you know you can approach the police. If someone harasses you in the #metaverse, who do you turn to?

Is the rise of the metaverse good or bad for girls and women?

“In the online space, women already face a lot of challenges such as sexual harassment and cyber stalking,” says our CEO Simran Toor, who points out that virtual reality and immersive environments, such the metaverse, could intensify harms against girls and women, and even put them off from accessing these services in the first place.

Listen to Simran’s take on whether the metaverse will be a social equaliser or divider in an entertaining battle of wits against Derek Lim Head of Research at Spartan Labs’, Lucaz Lee Founder and CEO at Affyn and Haresh Tilani here: Is the Metaverse a virtual paradise or nightmare? | Read to be SURE - YouTube