Lean In Network Singapore x Moxy, “Women in the Workplace: Asia Edition”, 18 May 2023

In Singapore, we aren’t at the stage of final refinements in our dei journey. We are very much still at the start.

A 2022 Kantar survey revealed that Singapore is the second-worst performing country at DEI practices, (based on the 14 developed countries polled).*

A 2019 SNEF and Kincentric survey also revealed that 7 in 10 Singapore workplaces have not implemented DEI policies. Explanations cited by employers include a lack of related data (e.g on the gender pay gap or inequalities in career progression) upon which to build DEI strategies.

We must improve the ecosystem on DEI data in Singapore. An evidence-backed approach will allow us to clearly identify the problems and challenges specific to our girls and women in Singapore, and to then advocate targeted programmes for positive change.

These were some of the insights shared by our CEO, Simran Toor, at the Lean In Network, Singapore x Moxy ‘Women in the Workplace: Asia Edition’ event yesterday. Fellow panelists Uma Thana Balasingam, Hardeep Matharu, Serene Ong and moderator Carla Henry GMBPsS, also candidly shared their personal experiences and ideas, making for a truly inspiring discussion.

At SHE, we aim to contribute by strengthening local-specific research on issues pertaining to equity and equality in Singapore, and will work with our research partners to make this happen. Watch this space!