The Law Society of Singapore, “Workplace Harassment & Unconscious Bias 101”, 15 Feb 2023

According to a 2018 Survey by the International Bar Association, in the legal field workplace bullying affects 1 in 2 female and 1 in 3 male respondents. Sexual harassment affects 1 in 3 female respondents. If this can happen in the legal field, it can happen anywhere.

Our CEO Simran Toor and Partner at PDLegal LLC, Cathryn Neo, recently spoke at The Law Society of Singapore’s annual Legal Practice Management Courses on workplace harassment and unconscious bias.

This is the first year that such training has been offered to lawyers taking up management positions in their firms, and is a step in the right direction. Let’s work to make such training standard across all industries and organisations in Singapore.

Together, we can create a fair and respectful workplace for all, and level the playing field for girls and women.