Her World – January 2023 Feature


The metaverse is set to transform the way we relate to each other.

Yes, it can be a safe space to connect with others about previously taboo topics like intimacy. At the same time, it comes with new risks such as harassment.

In Her World’s January 2023 issue on the future of intimacy in the metaverse, CEO Simran Toor shared practical tips on how to keep safe online, and what to do if you are feeling threatened.  

“The Protection from Harassment Act (POHA) provides protection against both online and real-world harassment acts... Victims experiencing such acts can consider commencing criminal proceedings against the perpetrator (e.g., by filing a magistrate’s complaint), commencing a civil action against the perpetrator for damages, or seeking protection orders to prevent the perpetrator from continuing their behaviour.”

Read the feature here*.

*Article reposted with permission from Her World