She Loves Tech Global Conference 2022: Keynote Address & Fireside Chat, 10 Nov 2022


While Singapore is ranked as one of the safest cities in the world for women and girls, a different reality is sometimes experienced online. A sensing poll conducted by Sunlight AfA recently found that only 60% of females felt safe from harms while online, as compared to 72% of males. If left unchecked, online harms can erode the sense of security and well-being that has come from generations of effort to advance women’s interests.
In a keynote address at the She Loves Tech Global Conference 2022 on 10 November, 2022, SHE’s Special Adviser, SMS Sim Ann highlighted the importance of closing the digital safety gap for women. While progress has been made, the gender imbalance in the technology sector is still prominent. SMS Sim Ann highlighted that encouraging more women to join the tech sector should be regarded as a business imperative, and having more women within the industry might drive greater innovation to tackle gender-based online harms.

SMS Sim Ann also had a fireside chat with Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir, Iceland’s Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation. They reiterated the importance of partnerships and women and men working together in progressing workplace policies, balancing caregiving duties, and tackling online harms against women.

Watch their lively discussion here: