Curtin University Singapore, “Gender Equality – Is Technology Helping?”, 29 March 2023

Technology has empowered people around the world to participate more fully in the global economy.

For women, access to technology can be a pathway to economic empowerment and greater gender equity. Unfortunately, real issues such as affordability and accessibility mean that many women in low and middle-income countries still struggle to take advantage of this opportunity.

This inequality of access further defines existing gaps between men and women in those regions, preventing their advancement and social progress. Addressing these issues is an integral part of promoting gender parity on a global scale, and governments, corporates and NGOs can all play a part.

These were some of the thoughts shared by our CEO, Simran Toor, with Curtin Singapore students at yesterday's panel, titled “Gender Equality – Is Technology Helping?”.

Thanks to moderator Linley Lord, Pro Vice Chancellor and President at Curtin Singapore, and fellow panellists, Rosemary Overell, Senior Lecturer at NUS Department of Communications and New Media, Anna Green, Head of SMB Asia Pacific & Japan at Amazon Web Services and Samantha Owen, Director of Gender Equity & Inclusion at Curtin University, for the engaging discussion!